Scarlett Bovingdon

The Face | 6 Figure Gang

Short Film

The Face | 6 Figure Gang

Each member of 6 Figure Gang – Jossy Mitsu, Dobby, FAUZIA, Sherelle, LCY and Yazzus – brings their distinctive musical personality the UK collective. But they share a passion in high-energy club music, and they find strength in collective action. As 6 Figure Gang blew up in 2019, The Face followed the DJs, producers, radio hosts and labelheads as they caused sonic havoc in on tour dates in London, Berlin and Norwich.

Director - Kate Villevoye
Producers - Rosanna Gouldman and Adam Lilley
Executive Producer - Jennifer Byrne
Cinematographers - Anna Gudbrands and Timi Akindele-Ajani
Editor: Scarlett Bovingdon
Sound Design - Ines Adriana
Colourist - Delfina Mayer

*Vimeo Staff Pick* (2020)